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    3. เดิมพันฟรี คาสิโนปอยเปต pantip

      NAIT’s technical training and applied education is designed to meet the demands of Alberta's industries – graduates have the knowledge and skills employers want. They leave NAIT confident, prepared and in demand.


      Life After NAIT

      Don’t miss this networking opportunity to connect with NAIT alumni and industry contacts to discover what life is like after graduating.

      Career Fair 2019

      The reer Fair is a great opportunity for students to meet employers and build relationships with them

      Upcoming Events

      • Jan 28
        Building an Amazing Environment and Superstar Team
      • Jan 29
        Market Research and Resources for your Business with The Business Link
      • Jan 30
        Alumni Lifelong Learning: Financial Literacy
      • Jan 31
        Program Previews – International Student and ESL Learner
      • Feb 04
        Money Talks - Blockchain and Cryptocurrency with Mike Brown from ATB Financial
      • Feb 07
        People First, Social Enterprise and Funding
      • Feb 07
        Program Previews – JR Shaw School of Business

      Latest From NAIT

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      Giving to NAIT

      NAIT is essential and our success depends on you. We have launched a fundraising campaign to support our students, applied research and the Centre for Applied Technology. Read about Essential: The mpaign

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